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Asking the big questions on International Men’s Day 2020

International Men’s Day is one of the most important days on the calendar, where we get to celebrate half the population.

Maybe this is done with a passing nod, or a special breakfast, or a Mr Perfect barbecue. 

Increasingly workplaces are organising more formal events and requesting the Australian Men’s Health Forum ‘Know Your Man Facts’ presentation to spark a deeper dive into men’s health.

Other groups are finding inventive ways to call out blokes on November 19, which we’re listing in the Events section of this website. From barefoot bowls to one-day forums on men’s issues, a community takeover of the city and virtual men’s circles, IMD activities are steadily increasing.

Every year, IMD is marked in around 80 countries worldwide with shared objectives:

  • To highlight some of the social issues that men and boys face from diverse groups
  • To celebrate men and boys in all their diversity
  • To make a difference for the men and boys in your community
  • To have fun

20 questions

Continuing our theme - ‘Let’s Talk About Men’-  we have chosen 20 questions for 2020 that can help shape the conversations taking place before, during and after November 19.

We are encouraging individuals, groups and organisers of formalised gatherings to consider one or more of these questions that resonates with the times, and their audience.

We’ll certainly be firing up the barbie with these conversation starters, so join on our affiliate channels at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

For example:

What are 3 things men can do to stay mentally healthy? There’s no right answers but the Australian Men's Health Forum made 10 suggestions on World Mental Health Day last month and many resonated with our vast and diverse network of men’s groups and individuals. What are yours?

What can we do to make schools work better for boys? Boys underperform girls at every stage of their education. What simple measures can be made to address this?

Should mum and dads share equality responsibility for raising their kids?

A lot of men came out and said they wanted to continue working from home when the coronavirus lockdown restrictions lifted. Many had enjoyed seeing their kids more so how can there be greater acceptance for a shared parenting model?

What are the masculine traits you most admire in men? A lot has been written about men, being male, toxic masculinity. Let’s put that aside and ask, ‘what are qualities intrinsic to men that can be celebrated?’

Check out the 20 for 20 Big Questions About Men and Masculinity, and download as many posters as you choose. Send them far and wide, print them out for your International Men’s Day event and let’s get Australia #talkingaboutmen.

We also encourage you to share one of our social media graphics, sized for optimum use across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have an event to promote or would like to contribute an article to the IMD website, please contact us.

To all the men and boys in our lives, this day is for you.

The IMD Info website is hosted by the Australian Men’s Health Forum, which takes an inclusive approach to celebrating International Men’s Day. We encourage everyone in Australia to join us in marking the day.


When, what and why is International Men’s Day?


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