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How workplaces can celebrate men on International Men’s Day

While International Men’s Day falls on Sunday, 19 November, there are many ways workplaces can acknowledge men before, during and after this date.

International Men’s Day is marked every year in around 80 countries, and in Australia, the day has been embraced by many organisations and individuals wanting to show how much they value the males in their lives.

This is an opportunity to run events and activities that promote positive conversations about men, manhood and masculinity, and to highlight some serious issues affecting men and boys and their wellbeing. It’s also an opportunity to have fun, as can be seen in the diverse events filling our International Men’s Day calendar.

Just do this ...

One simple way to get involved is to print out one of our 2023-themed International Men’s Day posters and pin it where everyone can be reminded that there is a day to celebrate men and boys in all their diversity. It's on 19 November. Men matter.

Download a poster

Another way is to share some of the IMD social media cards we have created as a sign that you rate the men on the payroll, you rate the men in your lives, you rate their sons, their fathers, and grandfathers.

Download our social media graphics

You might choose to share these social media cards to your workforce via email, intranet or on your social channels (if you have them) and create your own personal statement about International Men’s Day. Be sure to use the hashtag #IMD2023, or #InternationalMensDay2023, or #HealthyMen

Download our editable social media cards

If you are looking for inspiration, consider the six objectives of International Men’s Day:

  • Valuing male role models
  • Acknowledging the contribution of men and boys
  • Improving male health
  • Tackling discrimination and disadvantage
  • Fostering positive gender relations
  • Making the world a safer place for everyone

How can your workplace focus on one or more of these objectives on International Men’s Day?

Here’s 5 suggestions.

Remember, it’s never too late. Even if you’ve missed marking the actual day, you can hold an activity in the weeks following. Who said deadlines were important anyway!

  1. Hold a morning or afternoon tea, and hand out awards to men who you want to acknowledge in some way. Maybe they are about to take parental leave. Maybe they cheer everyone up with funny jokes. Maybe they motivate others to exercise at lunchtime. Creating awards out of the six objectives listed above is a great way to start. Celebrate role models by inviting employees to nominate their favourite male role model.
  2. Invite a motivational speaker to a lunchtime event. You may know of someone in the community, or you could contact a men’s health charity for support such as ‘Movember’, or any of the worthy men's health organisations listed on this page. Promoting a men’s or boys’ charity is a great way to engage staff.
  3. Signpost men and boys to charities that can help them, such as the Doing It Tough? website, which lists 150 male support services to help men navigate through difficult moments.
  4. Run a health event, such as how to check for prostate cancer, mental health, fitness, heart health, wellbeing and mindfulness. We have created some simple but effective ‘Know Your Man Facts’ talks that someone in your workplace could give with a little encouragement (or suggest they buddy up). These come with speaker notes and suggestions for making the talk fun and interactive. Topics include:
  • Exercise and Men’s Health
  • Let’s Talk About Men
  • Mateship and Men’s Health
  • Men’s Heart Health
  • Men’s Mental Health

View all

If that’s too daunting, press play on one of our Know Your Man Facts videos

5. Consider the ways you can address work-life balance and how to role model self-care. Working behind the scenes is a great way to show you are serious about driving change that benefits everyone. Take a closer look at the hours men are working and the stress they may be experiencing because of juggling work-life demands. A recent International Men’s Day webinar hosted by The Fathering Project suggested ways businesses could improve their approach to facilitating better work-life balance. “Organisations can be drivers of change and promoting well-being,” said guest speaker Dr James Brown, a clinical psychologist. This can be achieved through job redesign, improving leadership culture, formalising flexible work arrangements, encouraging paid parental leave, and addressing stereotypes and stigma.

Read the full article: How the 50-hour week is impacting dads and what workplaces can do to improve their mental health (November 10, 2023)



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