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The realities of pornography webinar: Top Blokes

Recent media attention on sexual assaults in schools and workplaces across Australia raises important questions about how young people learn about sex, consent and healthy relationships.

Pornography is playing an increasingly influential role in shaping beliefs, expectations and desires of young people, with research indicating that most have viewed pornography by the age of 15. Violent and degrading material is readily available online and easily accessible to young people, which is concerning.

Let’s face it – most people find pornography and sex awkward topics of conversation. And because they’re often shied away from by many adults, this means that pornography becomes the teacher of sexual relationships for young people – even before they start having sex. But with the right tools and knowledge, the conversations around healthy sex can be less awkward and more frequent.

At Top Blokes, we mentor boys and young men to improve their mental health and build healthy relationships with the people in their lives. One of the key discussions we have with boys is around pornography and sexual health. Based on our experience, we know how important it is that boys have someone to talk to about these topics.

That’s why we’ve put together this webinar event to give you the skills and knowledge to have better conversations about pornography with your son.

Join us for ‘The Realities of Pornography’ webinar this International Men’s Day on Friday, 19th November 2021.


Event Details:

Date:  Friday, 19th November 2021
Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Location: Virtual – a Zoom link will be sent to you in the lead-up to the event
Ticket Price: $25.00
Contact: Sarah – [email protected]

We’re very lucky to be joined on the night by experts in the field:
Dr Michael Flood, an internationally recognised researcher on men, masculinities and violence prevention
Christopher Brett-Renes, an experienced therapist specialising in sex therapy and relationship and couples counselling

For more information visit our website at or reach out to our team at [email protected]

November 19, 2021
7pm - 8:30pm
Sydney, NSW 2000
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The realities of pornography webinar: Top Blokes - International Mens Day - Clone