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Run An Event

One great way to celebrate International Men's Day is to run an event. This could be anything from a barbecue, breakfast, physical activity (run, walk, talk) or opening up your men's group to a larger gathering. 

This year, our theme for International Men’s Day in Australia will be “Celebrating Mateship” and our aim will be to inspire more men to “make time for mates”.

So if you are running an event and it is open to the public, please register your event on this website under the Events section or, send details through to [email protected] and we will take care of the listing. 

Please include:

  1. Name of your event
  2. Date and time (start, finish)
  3. Location (venue, street address, city and postcode)
  4. Brief description

If you have a photo that we can use, please attach that to the email with the subject line 'International Men's Day event'