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Promote International Men’s Day with the new 2023 posters

One easy way to get involved with International Men’s Day is to share one of the official IMD 2023 posters.

They can be passed around digitally, promoted on your socials, or printed out for sharing in a place where a lot of people are likely to see it.

The most important thing is acknowledging men on the day, recognising blokes who you might look up to as role models (whether they are famous or silent heroes), checking in on a mate, and doing something positive for your own health and well-being.

We believe that healthy men = a healthy world.

With this in mind, International Men’s Day 2023 in Australia has four sub-themes set around the central message: Healthy Men, Healthy World!

These are:

Healthy Men, Healthy World – Take action, stay healthy!

The “Take action, stay healthy!” sub-theme is a rallying call to all Australians to do more of the things that help us live happy, healthy lives. We’re inviting organisations and communities all over Australia to use International Men’s Day 2023 as an opportunity to promote activities that keep men and boys’ healthy and help create a healthier world.

Check out the new Know Your Man Facts Toolkit: Exercise + Men's Health

Healthy Men, Healthy World – Check in on a mate!

The “Check in on a mate” sub-theme encourages all Australians to look out for the men in their families, lives and communities who may be struggling. We believe that men’s mental health is everyone’s business and one way we can create a healthier world is by reaching out to our mates, particularly when they are doing it tough. For information and resources on helping a mate, you can download a free copy of the How Help a Mate guide.

Healthy Men, Healthy World – Improving male health together!

The “Improving male health together!” sub-theme is an important reminder that men’s health is a social issue, not just an individual issue. International Men’s Day is a good time for Government, public services, big businesses, NGOs and the media to focus on the collective action we can take, to make the world a healthier place for everyone, including men and boys.

Healthy Men, Healthy World – Healthy male role models!

The “Healthy male role models!” theme aims to get Australia talking about the importance of valuing healthy male role models in 2023. The National Men’s Health Strategy promises to recognise and value the diversity of men and boys living in Australia. International Men’s Day is a great time to build on this commitment and start a national conversation on the importance of championing a diverse range of healthy male role models in Australia.

Again, we hope you are inclined to help us promote International Men’s Day through sharing our posters.

Download a poster (non-editable)


Download a poster (editable)





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