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Gus Worland

Phone: 9529 3711
Email:  [email protected]

Much loved Australia television and radio host, and passionate advocate for Building the Mental Fitness of all Australians, Gus Worland wants all Australians to have their Gotcha4Life mate.

Gus founded Gotcha4Life in 2017, following the success of the ABC series Man Up and losing a very close friend and life mentor to suicide, as he realised he had the ability and networks to make a real difference.

Gus simply does not accept the alarming statistics surrounding suicide in Australia and that eight beautiful people take their life every day. Gotcha4Life believes in the power of prevention through connection and champions the idea of proactively building mental fitness and the resilience required to deal better with the challenges that life throws at us.

To drive real change, Gotcha4Life funds educational workshops and innovative training programs throughout Australia that build mental fitness in individuals, organisations and communities to activate strong, open and binding relationships.