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Glasshouse Cricket Fundraiser for Men's Health

November 19th is International Men's Day. One of the objectives of International Men’s Day is to raise awareness for the range of health issues that men are likely to face at some stage in their lives, particularly mental health. This year Glasshouse Districts Cricket Club is gearing up to grab life by the balls in support of men's health with their inaugural, "Making changes for men's health" charity event.

Glasshouse Cricket Club has partnered with local ‘mateship movement’ Grab Life By The Balls, which exists to help men establish stronger social connections and improve their quality of life. “Grab Life by the Balls is about mateship. But it’s also about mental health,” says founder of the movement, Sam Parker.

“Every day in Australia, seven men die by suicide. And social isolation is a key contributor to poor mental health. Our hope is that we can encourage other men to prioritise their mental health, and share their struggles with their mates – that’s what makes the burden easier to carry.”

Proceeds from the night will support Grab Life by the Balls’ ‘proactive men’s mental health movement’, enabling them to provide men with a relaxed, accepting environment in which to befriend, inspire and empower each other.

The event will host guest’s including Sam from Hot 91.1, Sam from Grab Life by the Balls and Pete from Young Veterans. There is also a big reveal not to be missed, we're the club is unveiling a new view you won't see coming.

This event is open to all community members, we look forward to connecting with you there for a great night of fun, laughs, and mateship!

November 19, 2022
6pm - 11pm
Glass House Mountains Sports Club
902 Steve Irwin Way
Glass House Mountains, QLD 4518
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Glasshouse Mountains Sports Bar
(07) 5438 7539

Glasshouse Cricket Fundraiser for Men's Health - International Mens Day - Clone