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Becoming Better Men - Forum

Hey, fellas! In the hustle of today's world, it's easy to forget to take a breath and express what's on your mind. We get it – society often tells us not to, but that's where we come in. Join us in Coogee for a relaxed morning, a space where you can truly be you without judgment.

This isn't your typical workshop; it's a chance to discover what healthy masculinity means for you. Engage in real conversations, find inner peace through guided meditations, and explore your own growth through self-reflection. Plus, before and after the workshop, we've got a laid-back BBQ for you to connect with your fellow men.

Your presence isn't just about personal growth; it supports the Sydney Community Safe Space and raises awareness for men's mental health. Let's redefine what it means to be a man, together.

Day Layout:

9AM - 10Am : Breakfast BBQ & Chat

10AM - 1PM : Workshop on Masculinity

1PM - 2PM : Debrief & Chats

Reserve your spot: AUD $38.08

November 19, 2023
9am - 2pm
Coogee Eastward Senior Citizens Hall
97R Brook St
Coogee, NSW 2034
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Becoming Better Men - Forum - International Mens Day