Know Your Man Facts Toolkits

Giving a talk before or on International Men's Day is a great way to get people talking about men. 

So instead of you having to do all the hard work, we have developed a series of 'Know Your Man Facts' presentations that you can modify for your own requirements. 


The theme for International Men's Day 2022 is "Celebrating Mateship". Having friends - or mates as we like to call them in Australia - are good for your health. Quite simply, loneliness is a killer. Studies have found that loneliness increases the risk of death more than such things as poor diet, obesity, alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise, and that it is as harmful as heavy smoking. 

We are developing a new toolkit on the importance of Making Time For Mates, which will be available in October and include a Know Your Man Facts presentation on Social Connection, graphics that can be downloaded and shared on social media, and a poster that can be printed out for display in community and work areas. 

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The information in each toolkit can be shared at any time, for example during Men’s Health Week, International Men’s Day, or whenever you have an event that focuses on men’s health.

Each presentation comes with speaker notes.

Thank you for being a men’s health champion!