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Peaceman book to launch on International Men’s Day

Hanuman Das, also known as Greg Clarke, has spent many years trying to work out why men are less inclined to practice yoga or to explore a path of inner reflection. So, Hanuman, who runs a small yoga and meditation studio at Toronto on Lake Macquarie, south of Newcastle, wrote a book called Peaceman, Beyond Masculinity, Divinity to explain why they might want to take a closer look.


10 ways men can take part in International Women's Day

This Friday (8 March 2019) is International Women’s Day, a global event that celebrates women’s achievements and calls for action to advance gender parity.

It’s also a day when misogynists the world over will gather on social media to yell “what about men?” with enough volume to drown out those who care to mention that, “erm, there’s an International Men’s Day too you know?”

So while we’re waiting for our own day on 19 November to arrive, what can men do to support International Women’s Day?