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International Men’s Day comes early for boys in Benalla

Women’s rights advocacy group Zonta International celebrated International Men’s Day early in north-east Victoria, holding a Boys’ Career Breakfast in March to offer mentorship and advice on careers.


The facts about men’s mental health: No.7 Creating a healthy lifestyle

It’s a fact that creating a healthy lifestyle can help you stay mentally healthy. What does this mean exactly and what are some of the activities you can include in your lifestyle that might also be good for your mental health?


The facts about men’s mental health: No.4 Home Alone

It’s the weekend, a time when separation from family can feel as sharp and as dull as it’s ever going to be.


The facts about men’s mental health: No.1 – 75% of suicides are male

International Men’s Day on November 19 is a great opportunity to talk about men’s mental health. Here’s why.


20 for 20: What are the masculine traits you most admire in men? A warrior's story ...

What are the masculine traits you most admire in men? 


20 for 20: How can we reduce risky drinking in men?

It is well known that excessive drinking can have a range of personal, interpersonal, health and well-being consequences.


20 for 20: Who are the men who have had the biggest influence in your life and why?

Father, brother, uncle, friend, teacher, boy scout leader, spouse, peer, coach, guru … role models come in many shapes and sizes, and through many doors.


Aussie men want more government support to improve their health and longevity, says new survey

Nine out of 10 Australian men say they want to see increased Federal Government funding to improve men’s health, says a new study published on International Men’s Day, 19 November.


When, what and why is International Men’s Day in Australia?

Every year on International Women’s Day people ask, “Is there an International Men’s Day?”

Some even go further when they find out that there is. “Why, what for?”

International Men’s Day (IMD) is celebrated in around 80 countries every year on 19 November. In 2019, International Men’s Day will fall on Tuesday 19 November, although many people will hold their activities and celebrations before or after the main event.


10 ways men can take part in International Women's Day

This Friday (8 March 2019) is International Women’s Day, a global event that celebrates women’s achievements and calls for action to advance gender parity.

It’s also a day when misogynists the world over will gather on social media to yell “what about men?” with enough volume to drown out those who care to mention that, “erm, there’s an International Men’s Day too you know?”

So while we’re waiting for our own day on 19 November to arrive, what can men do to support International Women’s Day?