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The facts about men’s mental health: No.9 Check Mate

International Men’s Day is tomorrow, Friday, November 19, and our second last instalment in the Know Your Man Facts - Mental Health series looks at what actions men can take to help a mate, possibly even save his life.


The facts about men’s mental health: No.7 Creating a healthy lifestyle

It’s a fact that creating a healthy lifestyle can help you stay mentally healthy. What does this mean exactly and what are some of the activities you can include in your lifestyle that might also be good for your mental health?


The facts about men’s mental health: No.6 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Over the past week we’ve been reminded of the cold facts surrounding men’s mental health in the 2021 Know Your Man Facts series.


The facts about men’s mental health: No.3 Men at Work

Here are 12 common risk factors that can impact our mental health: social isolation, money issues, housing issues, bereavement, work issues, health issues, drugs and alcohol, relationship issues, abuse, trauma, inequality and stress.


The facts about men’s mental health: No.1 – 75% of suicides are male

International Men’s Day on November 19 is a great opportunity to talk about men’s mental health. Here’s why.


International Men’s Day 2021 shines a light on Men’s Mental Health

International Men’s Day is an opportunity to focus on men, and a day that is marked in around 80 countries.