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Pages tagged "IMD 2020"

20 for 20: How important is it for men to have a good job?

Before answering this question, well might we ask, what is a good job?


20 for 20: name 3 things men over 65 can do to stay healthy and happy?

So you’ve got a seniors card (perhaps), are retired (possibly), and happily living alone or with a partner. You’ve sorted out your financial affairs and have enough to live on for the long, healthy life you expect to enjoy. All the house renovations are complete, and there’s time for another fulfilling project. You’ve had medical checks all your life and the health scorecard looks good. Each day you fall blissfully asleep for eight hours, and are excited to start a new day with renewed curiosity and vigor ... 


20 for 20: How can we reduce risky drinking in men?

It is well known that excessive drinking can have a range of personal, interpersonal, health and well-being consequences.


20 for 20: What types of challenges do males who are gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex face?

While most men who identify as gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives (according to Beyond Blue), many encounter challenges that can trigger serious mental health issues.


20 for 20: What are three things men can do to stay mentally healthy?

With a focus on World Mental Health last month, the Australian Men’s Health Forum asked men to evaluate the 10 Habits of Mentally Healthy Men.